The Smart Beauty Podcast

Smart Beauty with Yliana Guzman.

Driving women to live their best lives, Yliana Guzman is the Brooklyn-bred entrepreneurial beauty authority shifting new dynamics around the business of beauty. Despite being named Breakthrough Industry Talent by L’Oréal in 2017, Yliana is one who detests titles, but holds firm to her roles of advocate, educator and purpose-driven CEO who leads by example.

This podcast is a branch of SmartBeauty Pros, her global brand teaching the business of beauty. We equip service-based beauty pros with the marketing tools and customer service know hows to build profitable and purpose driven businesses.

Our podcast features bite sized clips directly from our beauty business curriculum, member experiences, expert features and Yliana's very own REAL experiences while navigating the industry, prior failed businesses, leaving corporate, taking a leap of faith without experience, growing to multiple locations and over 7- figures in revenue all while being a new mom.