The SmartBeauty Podcast

Founder & Our Story

Episode Summary

Down to earth, witty, smart, beauty maven, socially awkward, business savvy, driven, supermom, consistent.... sound like you? Well, you may have some things in common with our founder Yliana Guzman. Get to know her and our story in this episode.

Episode Notes

After walking away from her finance career to turn her hobby of beauty into a business, Yliana built a brand, grew her business to three locations and millions in revenue in just 4 years. In 2019, she successfully sold the company and became an authority in teaching beauty pros the business of beauty. 

SmartBeauty Pros sharpens determined businesswomen in a way that prepares them to not only survive, but thrive through proven and trusted results-facing business strategy, modern marketing and the art of creating 5-star customer experiences.